Where to find remote jobs as a developer?

Where to find remote jobs as a developer?



Freelancer is probably one of the most known freelance work sites on the internet. It’s an easy to use service where you can find jobs based on your interests and skill level. You can easily open an account and start searching for remote tasks.

Some people/companies post bigger jobs that you can work on for months instead of hours, making it really nice for those that are just looking for jobs instead of tasks.

Based on how large the platform is and how many types of jobs there are we rate Freelancer a 5/5.




Upwork is like the twin brother of Freelancer.com but it also has big companies use the platform to post tasks. Some examples are the following companies based on what they state on their website: Microsoft, airbnb, Bissell, GoDaddy just to name a few.

That’s why we rate it a 4,5. It’s really good but just a bit lesser known and has less job offerings for as far we could see.



Indeed is a really solid place to search for jobs. It’s like Google Search but for jobs. It’s a specially built around finding a contract-job. So you for for a company instead of freelance. I’d really suggest you give it a shot and that’s why we rate it a 4.5/5.

LinkedIn Jobs


LinkedIn is a place where you can keep a resume and connect (network) with companies and people you know. The larger your network, the more audience you can reach when you make a post such as “Looking for a job”. 

Outside of that, LinkedIn has a place called LinkedIn Jobs where you can easily find jobs and apply for them.

We really like the idea that you can directly apply for jobs through LinkedIn so that’s why we rate it a 4.5/5.

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