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Welcome to the official website for the Code Together project, it's an amazing place to learn from other developers and teach people things. With over 2233 people and new people joining every day you'll always find someone who can help you out.

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Make a note taking app! The first official Code Challenge provided by Code Together

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We recently just deployed the website! Learn what we did and how we did it, and who contribuited to this project.

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code::together is an online Discord community of programmers and developers. It’s full of individuals who love to help each other, from experts to beginners. We know a range of different languages that are arranged into separate channels. If you need some help with your code, we’ll help debug it for you if you can’t see what’s going wrong. Or if you just want to learn something new, we’ll help direct you to some resources. Hopefully, our 1500 and growing users will be able to find some way to support you.

What We Offer

  • We help debug users’ code if they are stuck
  • We direct users to different help articles like documentation
  • We teach users how to do different programming
  • We have channels dedicated to a certain topic, for example, front-end, hosting, etc.
  • We have channels dedicated to certain programming languages
  • We have a special role for developers that really know how to code/have made a big thing